Friday, October 31, 2008

Things around the office haven't been slow, however the people I work with are

I work with a group of retards. Now my job as I've stated isn't hard, it's actually quite easy I can sum it up like so: it's 5 clicks.

However, I'm reliant on a person to get me the documents necessary to click 5 times. I see this person flitting around the office stopping at every cublicle to engage in a conversation and just chit chat, while I have to watch and seethe. Eventually she gets to it, sort of . More often I end up doing her work as well as mine, which shouldn't bother me considering just how little I work in a day. I shouldn't have to do her job for her. I dont' understand how these corporations continue to function at a profit while carrying so much deadweight. They easily could eliminate this person and things would not miss a beat. Though I'd have to also attend to her large wipey board and find ana ssistant to handle her non work related conversations. I wonder how you'd advertise for that position?

Anyhow. I really have no room to talk. I don't do a god damned thing until 1 pm every single day and adding her work load to my incredibly light worload adds maybe 15 minutes, but that's not the point. I look around and see so many people that I would fire if I were the boss. I don't understand how these remora fish of the jobplace continue to fly under the radar.

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