Friday, October 17, 2008

So I haven't posted in a while

Here's why. I have nothing really to say.

Ok, I have something, but it really isn't that good. There is this woman I work with, we'll call her patty, because that's her name. she is blond and looks like a drunk. I'd say probably mid 50's but more than likely around 41. She doesn't know her way around a computer and thinks that dressing like your homeless is totally ok and cool. While I admire her joie de vivre. I think it might be slightly inappropriate to wear pajama pants to work. But what do I know?

She is pathetic in every way and instead of feeling sorry for her, I am angry, because she demeans me and my job. I'd like to beat her to death just to teach her a lesson, instead I just ignore her and treat her like the crazy lady that roams Elmwood Avenue screaming.

She has recently made contact with the most tragic person I have ever met, her name is Christine and she is the living version of a failure pile in a sadness bowl(props to patton oswalt). I fully expected there to be a pathetic off right here in the office. I was very very excited, perhaps even slightly aroused. I may have gotten a little hard but who doesn't when they see two beings that are human in form only about to have a tragic off? I fully expected a couple my dad raped me's and loads of tears. Instead they got along famously and now they are inseperable, which just makes me that much angrier. I hate these two with every fiber of my being. I hated them apart, but now, together, they are like some sort of wonder twins of tragedy. "I shall take the form of soul crushing poverty and I will become a river of tears!" The simple fact that they are SO pathetic is what makes me so angry.

Oh and I still hate my job.

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