Tuesday, October 7, 2008

stuff from all over my waste of a life

So Friday I had to go to a 3 hour training session on stuff I already knew how to do and had been doing for two weeks. I sat there and thought about writing here. I even took notes. They sounded incredibly whiny and I quickly discarded that idea. However, it was incredibly depressing being the most educated and by default most intelligent person in the room to sit back and listen to these dolts talk about bullshit and clap over huge wins. Whatever the fuck those are.

Saturday Ohio State won, Hooray!. Pryor is going to be a once in a franchise type qb. I'm thrilled he chose osu over that school up north.

Sunday: the bills get destroyed. I went to a bar that apparently catered to people with harelips I felt extremely out of place. However the experience was interesting and necessary for me to understand the seedy underbelly of blue collar life. I can assure you there were no people of color there nor would I venture to say that they would be welcome, at all.

At one point a kid said jesus christ as losman got sacked again after holding onto the ball for too long and this fat guy, who I was pretty sure was retarded screamed, "hey don't use the lord's name in vain." I bit my tongue explaining that there is no such thing as god as he was created in the image of man, but I felt that he would use his retard strength to just beat my point and face into submission.

Lesson to be taken from sunday: retard strength is the great equalizer .

In the last day and a half I've done exactly oh 2 hours of work. I surfed the internet and enjoyed thefoggymonocle.com immensely also talkbuffalosports.com 's shoutbox has provided me with neverending hilarity.

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