Monday, November 3, 2008


I am so bored I want to kill myself. I actually took extra pisses in order to get up from my desk and move around. I believe that I've surfed the entire internet and there is nothing left to read. I just spent the last hour reading and listening to Christopher Hitchens. So to recap I have been reading vanity fair articles and watching hardball videos of a biritish neo-con in order to pass the time.

Sidenote: I'm still pretty fat, though I'm working on my guns. I have, however, encountered another intersting naked guy moment. I try to avoid the lunch rush at the work gym, so I wait until after lunch hour is seemingly over and head up. usually this works out well, I have teh small space to myself and can go through my workout unhindered, and most importantly have teh small changing room to myself. Not so fast my friend. on thursday I went up at the usual dead time and there were two guys who I'd seen previously finishing their workout and getting in the shower, one guy stops and starts to talking to me. Let me assure you, he does not shower in a bathing suit, of any kind. So he's bare assed naked, facing me just chit chatting away. so after a couple awkward minutes, I politiely suggest that there is plenty of time to get to know one another, without him being so open about everything. He didn't catch on and kept talk so I literally tripped trying to get dressed to escape the middle aged dong of don't careness. In tretrospect. I hope someday to not care enough to jsut let my dick flop out and be totally cool with that. Unfortunately, that day doesn't seem to be in the immediate future.